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ALPHA-betizing your dog

ALPHA-betizing your dog Terry Ryan First part A Foundation Stone: Providing Leadership They loved Benji and Benji loved them back, but his family was starting to lose patience with him. Like some children, Benji was pushing the limits. He would grab laundry out of the hamper and race around the house inviting chase. He would get between the family members and the open refrigerator door, making it impossible to ignore him, much less reach the bottom shelf. On walks he’d charge out ahead to give an enthusiastic greeting to dogs and people alike. And it was impossible to read a book without him jumping on the couch and working his way between you and the book. Some of this behavior is cute. It’s endearing to know that your dog likes your attention, but when the family changes their adjectives from cute to pest, delinquent, incorrigible, it’s time to teach Benji some manners. How to ALPHAbetize Yourself Developing the proper relationship and lifestyle with your dog is paramou